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Why be an agent?

    There is no need to store goods, one for delivery, no inventory pressure. Picture materials are provided uniformly to facilitate advertising and promotion. Unified pricing unified agency platform can sell hundreds of different products. Product quality assurance, long-term supply of all models, after-sales guarantee. With a wide global coverage and fast delivery speed, choose the nearest franchisee for delivery. You can enjoy a high agent commission of up to 30%.

How to apply  an agent?

Provide the name of the store, the photo of the store, the business license, the ID card of the legal person, and contact our by email or contact the customer service staff to handle it.

What are the benefits of franchisees?

    Factory Direct supply, good quality and good price, large supply. A POS system with a value of $6000 will be sent to customers immediately after data packets and goods arrive, reducing operating costs. One-click shelving Facebook, self-built shopping mall, automatic synchronization POS system, reduce promotion costs. Regional protection, only one region for each region, and guarantee the profit margin of franchisees. The local agent is owned by the local franchisee, and we can give customers as gifts when joining! High consumption field of automobile supplies, low investment, large returns, stable and long-term profit channels.

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What is the difference between franchisees and agents?

Supported types Agent Franchisee
Whether inventory No Yes
Agent system Shared account Separate account
selling price Flat price Self-pricing
Profit margins Discount rebate Stock price
FB packet Shared data cannot be modified Independent data supports modification
website No independent site gift Send website system
Monetization channel Profit from sales Self-employed + agent
Area protection no Regional agents get goods through franchisees